EU4 M&T - Swiss Mercs 103

This series is a tall campaign starting as the Republic of Switzerland.I aim to create the modern borders of Switzerland, after which I will go tall and never declare offensive wars again.The end goal is to get my development to 500, achieved mainly through incomes from renting out condottieri.The seven territories that we need to conquer are: Grischun, Thurgau, Basel, Geneva, Tesin, Vales, and Vaud.The rules are: no offensive wars (outside of the ones to regain the mentioned territories), and I must try to participate in wars I rent out troops for, even if I don’t have to (for role-playing purposes).The mod is Meiou and Taxes and can be downloaded through either the steam workshop or the Paradox forums (account needed) The version of M&T is 2.52.------------------------------------------

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By: DUKE JAMES GAMING | 2 months ago