Should You Main Kragg in Rivals of Aether?

Should You Main Kragg in Rivals of Aether? Should You Main is back, this time featuring Windows! Windows is a top 3 player in Rivals of Aether and he's here to break down Kragg and let you know if he's a character you should play.Mew2King & Salem are also learning Rivals of Aether so let us know any tips or comments for them in the comments! Do you main Kragg? Let us know!

Grading Scale:

A- Absolutely Main: This character is viable as a solo main in Rivals of Aether

B- Back Up (secondary): This character is viable in Rivals of Aether, but has more polarizing match ups.C- Counter Pick: This character is only good in specific tournament-relevant match ups or only good on certain counter pick stages.D- Drop the Character: No need to invest any more time into the character.Has few to none winning relevant match ups and/or the difficulty piloting the character isn't worth the trouble.Here's how you can support MVG Directly:

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By: Most Valuable Gaming | 1 month ago