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Black cats are the funniest cats! Tuxedo Cats are also funny cats! When they make cat videos together it is the best.Here is a cat video featuring Muziq The Cat and Jinx.Jinx is the pretty black cat and Muziq is the tuxedo cat that is walking around and being cute in the backyard.These are just funny cat videos that really make your day.When the day is wonderful and the sun is out these silly cats love to enjoy their time in the back yard.The black cat featured here particularly enjoys rolling in the grass.The tuxedo cat really teaches a good cats 101 lesson in how to relax in the backyard.In this tuxedo cat video but you can really see the happiness that the black & white and all black cat have being in the back yard.This cat video features Muziq and Jinx!

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By: MUZIQ THE CAT | 2 months ago