UNF LLCs | Information on the "Living Learning Community" First-Year On-Campus Housing Experience

Thinking about applying to UNF and living on campus as a first-year student? This video gives more information on the "Living Learning Communities" (LLC's) found on-campus at the University of North Florida.As a former member of the Hicks Honors College LLC, I've expereinced first-hand the benefits of living in themed dorms/residence halls, and I can highly recommend that you sign up for one for your first Fall & Spring Semester if you are thinking of attending UNF.Here is a link to the UNF Housing and Residence Life "LLC's" website, where you can find more information on each individual LLC, as well as general FAQ's about the living experience and benefits : https://www.unf.edu/housing/llc/

⬇️ LLC's at UNF at time of filming (Summer 2020) ⬇️

American Sign Language : https://www.unf.edu/housing/llc/ASLZone.aspx

Coggin College of Business : https://www.unf.edu/housing/llc/Coggin_College.aspx

First Forward LLC : https://www.unf.edu/housing/llc/FirstForward.aspx

Healthy Osprey: https://www.unf.edu/housing/llc/Healthy_Osprey.aspx

Hicks Honors College: https://www.unf.edu/housing/llc/Honors.aspx

Making a Difference in Education (MADE): https://www.unf.edu/housing/llc/MADE.aspx

Music: https://www.unf.edu/housing/llc/Music_LLC.aspx

Pre-Med: https://www.unf.edu/housing/llc/PreMed.aspx

QUEST First Flight: https://www.unf.edu/housing/llc/Quest.aspx

S.T.E.M. : https://www.unf.edu/housing/llc/S_T_E_M_.aspx



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