Peux-OS Xfce-20.01 SS&PR

Peux-OS Xfce-20.01 SS&PR

Datapioneer | 1 week ago

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This is a System Setup and Product Review (SS&PR) of PeuxOS-Xfce-20.01 which is a brand-new distro that isn't even on DistroWatch's radar at the moment. The creator of PeuxOS didn't develop it as a general distro of Linux when he created this spin of Arch Linux, but instead was bored during the pandemic and decided he wanted to spend his time sheltered in place doing something that would provide him with a distro he could enjoy using. PeuxOS-Xfce-20.01 is a beautiful, well-developed, responsive, and fun-to-use distro which I show you how to setup in Virtual Box 6.x and then provide a general overview of the product itself.


Sorry I didn't demo Htop or Kria during the video as I had indicated I would. But, everyone has seen Htop and Krita most likely anyway. The system memory resource usage after the restart of PeuxOS-Xfce-20.01 was 673MB out of 4GB of RAM, so it is lighter than I had anticipated. This is likely due to the fact that I was running a very light-weight Desktop Environment (DE) which was Xfce.

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System Setup: 0:00 - 9:24

Product Review: 9:25 -

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