Aventura II, two seat amphibious light sport aircraft,  by Aero Adventure.

Aventura II, two seat amphibious light sport aircraft, by Aero Adventure.

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Aventura II, two seat amphibious light sport aircraft, by Aero Adventure.

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Aventura II, two seat amphibious light sport aircraft, by Aero Adventure.

New-To-Be LSA Seaplane

by Dan Johnson.

For years, Aero Adventure has made kit seaplanes and these can be highly affordable. You don’t often hear “high affordable” and “seaplane” in the same sentence but this company has the right formula. Check this article from 2015; prices change but know that Aero Adventure offers genuine value.

In addition, Aventura models have been flying for many years. Hundreds have launched into the sky from land or water. The brand was first known as the Buccaneer and evolved through several different owners to become Aventura. However, among the various entrepreneurs, none has been more active and vigorous than the group Alex Rolinski has assembled

While Aero Adventure worked on the SLSA model, a Florida dealer, Wahlstrom Aviation has bolstered customer support by helping kit builders at their Florida panhandle location.

Very Special

Light-Sport Aircraft

Despite their best plans, no one saw the coronavirus panic coming, so Aventura SLSA remains “to-be” until FAA permits on-site inspector visits to perform the evaluation they elect for a new entry. Paperwork could be examined in an FAA office but a visit to the manufacturing facility is likely for any new entry.

Meanwhile, in my visit at the end of March 2020, I reviewed several items of the long work list required to achieve Special LSA status and it appears to me that Aero Adventure has nearly finished all work. They hired outside talent to assist them in assuring they fully meet the ASTM standards FAA requires before accepting a new model into the fleet. They’ve also completed the numerous manuals required before they can declare their compliance to standards.

Building the case for FAA acceptance has absorbed a lot of time and money, but Alex and crew have worked the rest of the effort, too. A major decision was made about representation of the enhanced line.

Bristell USA importer, Lou Mancuso, will represent the Aventura SLSA 912. He has already dipped his toe into the water (literally …ask him about it at an airshow) by offering the S-17 version of Aventura but he is stoked about the potential for the fully-built seaplane with a modest price. Aventura SLSA 912 will be north of $100,000 but significantly less than all other Special LSA seaplanes and far, far less than Icon’s A5.

Lou has carefully built a solid reputation in the Light-Sport Aircraft world (see here about Bristell and here about his training academy). Adding Aventura SLSA to the Bristell models he sells adds no conflict as the two flying machines have very different mission profiles.

Unless some other entry manages to arrive sooner, the fully-built Aventura will be #153 in our popular SLSA List. Plan to attend DeLand Showcase 2020 and ask Alex or Lou all the questions you want.

Current Specifications for Aventura 912*:

Top Speed — 105 mph

Cruise Speed — 75 mph

Range — 300 Stature Miles

Stall Speed — 47 mph

Rate of Climb — 1,000 fpm

Takeoff Distance, Land — 250 feet

Takeoff Distance, Water — 350 feet

Fuel Capacity — 23 gallons

Empty Weight — 840 pounds

Gross Weight — 1,430 pounds

Useful Load — 590 pounds

Payload (with full fuel) — 452 pounds

Height — 7 feet

Length — 23 feet

Wing Span — 30 feet 8 inches

Wing Area — 161.7 square feet

Landing Gear — All three wheels retract

* Aero Adventure sells a Rotax 912-powered Aventura kit and these specifications are for that model. Slight differences may emerge when FAA grants Special LSA approval to the company.

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