Savage Shock, Savage Outback Shock, STOL Aircraft, SportAir USA

Savage Shock, Savage Outback Shock, STOL Aircraft, SportAir USA

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Savage Shock, Savage Outback Shock, STOL Aircraft, SportAir USA

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Thank You for your support! – Savage Shock, Savage Outback Shock from SportAir USA. It has been several decades since Piper’s PA-18 SuperCub set the bar for bush flying. Since then a series of technological and design innovations have enhanced the off-runway performance of cub-like aircraft with more power, lower weight, added lift, better control and braking.

But one vital component—suspension—is too often overlooked.

The Outback Shock gets it right with custom hydraulic, side mounted shock absorbers (12” travel) and suspension geometry integrated into main and tail landing gear, virtually eliminating the problems of touchdown rebound and ground hop that are all too common with traditionally sprung cabane landing gear.

The gear position is also moved forward to enhance braking capacity with less risk of overturning. As a result, the Outback Shock lands and taxis with remarkable control and stopping power.

Command of a vehicle on the ground depends upon constant contact between the tires and the surface. Race cars and off-road competitors go to elaborate lengths to balance weight, spring rate and shock damping in order to keep the tires on the ground no matter how rough the surface, or how strong the offsetting forces.

Springs, bungee cords or polymer buffers alone will not do this. They may be adequate for light GA airplanes operated on maintained runways, but landing on river banks, mountain slopes and ultra-short fields demands more, and the Outback Shock delivers. Video and Audio content is Copyright © The Ultralight Flyer Video Magazine. This video and audio material may not be reproduced in any form without written permission.

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