Magnus Aircraft, Magnus Fusion 212, Light Sport Aircraft, Magnus Aircraft USA.

Magnus Aircraft, Magnus Fusion 212, Light Sport Aircraft, Magnus Aircraft USA.

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Magnus Aircraft, Magnus Fusion 212, Light Sport Aircraft, Magnus Aircraft USA.

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Magnus Fusion 212 Light Sport Aircraft, by Magnus Aircraft USA

It appears another SLSA snuck by my penetrating radar for such achievements. U.S. chief pilot Charlie Snyder told me that the first Fusion earned its Special Airworthinews certificate back in September 2017 thereby joining our SLSA List at number 146.

Magnus hails from Hungary, home to more aircraft manufacturers than you may be aware, including such as ApolloFox fixed wing and Apollo weight shift trikes.

American representation for Magnus Aircraft USA is handled by Snyder and Magnus president Istvan Foldesi. We recorded a video interview with both men at AirVenture 2018. Both live in the USA while the company CEO Laszlo Boros runs the Hungary operation in a new manufacturing plant near Pecs-Pogany Airport.

Snyder and Foldesi exhibited their brightly painted low wing that uses mostly carbon fiber construction and a dual taper wing. Full dual controls are available at both seats. Toe brakes on each side guide a castoring nose wheel via differential braking. Rudder pedals are adjustable to accommodate pilot height differences. Leather upholstery is used throughout and cabin heat is provided.

Standard avionics equipment includes a single 10-inch Dynon SkyView screen back up with 2-1/4-inch analog instruments for airspeed, altimeter, and compass. Dynon also provides a 25-kilohertz VHF radio.

Fusion 212 is available with either a Rotax 912 ULS carebureted engine or a fuel-injected 912iS Sport engine swinging either Duc Hélise 3-blade Flash or MT 3-bladed ground adjustable propellers.

“This low-wing monoplane [has a] symmetrical wing profile that provides it with superb aerobatic capabilities,” said Magnus Aircraft. However, the company advised, “While the aircraft has aerobatic capabilities … as a Normal Category SLSA aircraft, Fusion 212 is presently limited to a maximum of 60 degrees of bank and a maximum pitch up or down of 30 degrees when operating in the United States.”

“Fusion 212 is available for special order with 3-5 months of manufacturing lead time. Snyder also said purchase is available from U.S. inventory. A base model Fusion is currently priced from $139,900. Magnus Aircraft, Inc., is licensed by the Hungary-based manufacturer to sell to the American market.”

Specifications for Magnus Fusion 21

Gross Weight — 1,320 pounds (600 kilograms)

Fuel Capacity — 23.7 gallons (90 liters)

Cockpit Width — 46 inches (1.17 meters)

Cruise Speed — 116 knots

Never Exceed Speed — 151 knots

Stall Speed (no flaps) — 48 knots

Stall Speed (best flaps) — 45 knots

Takeoff Distance — 400 feet (120 meters)

Landing Distance — 500-600 feet (150-200 meters)

Range — 500-600 miles (800-1,000 kilometers)

All specifications provided by Magnus Aircraft

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