Bushcat, Light Sport Aircraft, by SkyReach, Midwest LSA Expo 2020, Mt  Vernon Illinois.

Bushcat, Light Sport Aircraft, by SkyReach, Midwest LSA Expo 2020, Mt Vernon Illinois.

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Bushcat, Light Sport Aircraft, by SkyReach, Midwest LSA Expo 2020, Mt Vernon Illinois.

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The BushCat is an aircraft designed around four principles: simplicity, ruggedness, low cost and fun to fly!

Sport Aircraft Brokers Ltd. is proud to partner with Rainbow SkyReach PTY, an aircraft manufacturer based near Johannesburg South Africa. SkyReach has been producing the BushCat for over 14 years with over 200 now flying, and many kits under construction.

Rotax 912ULS Engine

The BushCat is powered by the Austrian designed Rotax 912 ULS engine. This engine has become the leading aircraft engine in today’s light sport market, and it’s reputation is second to none.

Aluminum Tubular Space Frame

The primary structure of the aircraft is made from aluminum tubes bolted together via stainless steel brackets. The simplicity of this design reduces manufacturing cost and time, resulting in a product with a high strength per cost ratio. Furthermore, in the event of damage to the primary structure, this design philosophy allows the customer to replace only the parts that have been damaged.

Trilam Skin Covering

The aluminum space frame is covered with a Trilaminate composite fabric, commonly used in the sailing industry for racing yacht sails. It is incredibly strong and has proved itself against the elements. In addition to this, we offer all of our customers the opportunity to pick from our range of five bright colours to form their own design for their aircraft covering, making each aircraft as unique as a zebra’s stripes.

Aluminum Spring Undercarriage

One of the biggest changes seen on the BushCat is the move from a braced undercarriage to a sprung undercarriage. The new design makes use of a solid aluminum spring gear, which proves smaller spring constant and results in softer off airport landings. The added strength of the solid aluminum construction means that the aeroplane is more forgiving to less experienced pilots operating in difficult conditions.

Hydraulic Brakes

Another new feature found in all BushCat aircraft is the hydraulic disk brake system, which has been upgraded. The new system became a necessity to aid with shorter landing performance.

Removable Doors

If your mission requires the use of in-flight photography or any other activity in which the doors might get in the way, it is useful to note that both doors are 100% removable. Furthermore, the doors can be removed and refitted in less than 3 minutes. Further improvements to the door design have resulted in more cabin space, better seal, and a quieter cockpit.

Arm Rest Throttle

In order to accommodate the centrally mounted control stick, the designers of the BushCat have found a neat place to put the throttle. Two interconnected throttles are mounted comfortably at the end of the armrests. Both armrests can also rotate to facilitate exit and entry into the cockpit, without affecting the throttle position.


The BushCat amphibian makes use of the 1400 Clamar amphibious floats. Produced in Canada, these floats are the best quality in their class. These composite floats are made using a combination of carbon, Kevlar, and S-glass fibers resulting in a lightweight product immune to corrosion and leaks. They are at home tied up on the dock of your cottage, or exploring small remote lakes.

+6 -4 Loading Factor Wing

The BushCat wing has been designed, tested, and certified to withstand +6G and -4G load factors at its maximum all up weight of 560kg (1235lbs).

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Bushcat Light Sport Aircraft on Floats Midwest LSA Expo