L600 Light Sport Aircraft from Aeropilot USA, Legend L-600 Aircraft Midwest LSA Expo Mt. Vernon Ill.

L600 Light Sport Aircraft from Aeropilot USA, Legend L-600 Aircraft Midwest LSA Expo Mt. Vernon Ill.

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L600 Light Sport Aircraft from Aeropilot USA, Legend L-600 Aircraft Midwest LSA Expo Mt. Vernon Ill.

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L600 Light Sport Aircraft from Aeropilot USA, Legend L-600 Aircraft from Aeropilot USA.

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Welcome Aeropilot L 600 (Legend) 600 imported by U.S. representative Aeropilot USA, which received a Special LSA Airworthiness Certificate from FAA on September 21st, 2016. After a bit of delay, we’ve now added L 600 (Legend) 600 to our 143-aircraft-long SLSA List.

Deon Lombard is the American rep. He comes from an aviation family following Anton Lombard, a World War II pilot who founded Safair Freighters in South Africa. They report this was the nation’s first air cargo service and is now the largest air cargo company in the country. An aviation engineer by training, Deon created a flight school in South Africa and now runs Fly Light Sport California in Fullerton.

First introduced in Europe at the 2011 Aero Friedrichshafen show, the Czech-based manufacturer said, “L 600 (Legend) was designed as an 80%-scale version of the very successful Cessna 182, with two passenger seating for [European] Ultralight or LSA.” They added, “But [L 600 (Legend) 600] actually has more passenger room than the Cessna.” Aeropilot’s European model is called L 600 (Legend) 540.

Aeropilot Ltd., began to plan production of the 600 kilogram (1.320 pound) L 600 (Legend) 600 in late 2014, building the first in 2015 for an Australian customer. For several years, the southern hemisphere nation has accepted the ASTM standards, allowing compliant Light-Sport Aircraft to be sold down-under. In May 2016 that first Aussie L 600 (Legend) 600 completed a 2,800-nautical-mile round trip circumnavigating all of southern Australia.

According to the Czech producer, “LSA L 600 (Legend) 600 is intended for elementary pilot training … and for traveling.” Low operating costs allow lower cost pilot certificates, said Aeropilot. “Great performance and extra utilizable load allow comfortable and fast traveling. LSA L 600 (Legend) 600 is full-composite [high] wing monoplane made of sandwich materials.” Desginer Jaromír Smékal used modern composite techniques to achieve a lower empty weight that increases useful load.”

L 600 (Legend) 600’s fuselage is constructed using sandwich technology with a carbon composite material. L 600 (Legend)’s wing is constructed similarly.

We are “introducing the Aeropilot L 600 (Legend) 600 starting at $85,000,” said Aeropilot USA, “with the Starter Package [equipped with] the minimum required for daytime, VFR flight. “Great for the pilot who doesn’t plan to enter controlled airspace.” L 600 (Legend) retails for approximately $100,000 with the Trainer Package. Prices always change as does the equipment list, so email the California company for current pricing.

As the new pink airworthiness card proves, Aeropilot’s L 600 (Legend) 600 complies with LSA standards. The aircraft is powered by a Rotax 912ULS swinging a three-blade Woodcomp prop. With 29 gallons of fuel on board, the carbon fiber L 600 (Legend) 600 boasts a flight endurance of seven hours equating to “approximately 700 nautical mile range.”

Aeropilot L 600 (Legend) 600 specs: Empty weight 728 pounds (depending on options); Gross weight 1,320 pounds; Stall with flaps 30 knots (35 mph); Cruise speed at 75% power 113 knots (130 mph); Range 700 nautical miles (807 statute); Climb rate at sea level 1,375 feet per minute; Luggage capacity 66 pounds. All specifications are according to U.S. representative Aeropilot USA.

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