RANS S19 Venterra Experimental Light Sport Aircraft, Owners, Builders, Pilots, RANS Aircraft Designs

RANS S19 Venterra Experimental Light Sport Aircraft, Owners, Builders, Pilots, RANS Aircraft Designs

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RANS S19 Venterra, Experimental Light Sport Aircraft, Owners, Builders, Pilots.

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RANS Inc. continues to be a significant player in the homebuilt aircraft market as one of the nation’s largest kit airframe producers. In the last two years, Randy Schlitter, RANS’ designer and CEO, added manufactured, ready-to-fly special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA) to his enterprise; the S-7LS is

presently in production, and it will be joined by the S-19LS in 2008. The good news for EAA members interested in building one is that the new S-19 is also available in kit form.

Manufacturing completely built aircraft under ASTM International standards is a different work effort than kit manufacturing under amateur-built standards. Even so, several industry experts agree that RANS is a good candidate to succeed at such a multi-tasking effort.

The S-19 is an all-metal, constant chord low-wing relying heavily on CAD/CAM methods. “We never

built a prototype; the first aircraft was production tooled and a proof of tooling and process,” Randy explained.

“The S-19 earned S-LSA approval on December 21, 2007, and delivery of the first S-19LS was in the fall of 2008. The S-19LS is the first all-new aircraft made and designed in the USA specifically for

the light-sport category to receive S-LSA status since the ruling went into effect.”

The S-19 structure is a “monocoque” (stressed skin) design supported with internal bulkheads and stringers to maintain shape. The horizontal tail is a stabilator. A 100-hp Rotax 912ULS engine powersthe S-19. “The 912S engine has proven itself reliable in years of operation.

Other engine options will be explored, from Jabiru to Lycoming,” Randy added.

Wing spars are machined from a one-piece custom extrusion specially designed for this aircraft. The

extrusion is tapered and shaped, and all holes are final sized in the machining process. Those building from kits will be pleased to note that only a few additional parts are attached with solid aircraft rivets to reinforce the root area and a short channel-type tip spar. The wing spars are factory assembled for each kit. The ailerons and stabilator are operated with push/pull tubes via bell cranks. Stainless steel cables control the rudder.


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