Merlin Lite, Part 103 Legal, All Metal, Ultralight Aircraft, Aeromarine LSA

Merlin Lite, Part 103 Legal, All Metal, Ultralight Aircraft, Aeromarine LSA

Lightsportandultralightflyertube | 2 months ago

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THE MERLIN LITE PART 103 ULTRALIGHT No license, medical, certification, or registration required!



BRS Included!

The ‘Merlin Lite” is an all-new version of the Merlin and has a longer wing and a lighter airframe to meet the FAA Part 103 ultralight rule.

PART 103 is the USA FAA rule that allows ‘ultralight’ aircraft to fly without any certification, registration, pilots’ license or medical. It has a strict empty weight limit of 254 lbs and speed range of 24 to 55 knots. This UL rule has been adapted by many other countries that mirror the FAA regulations including China. Thousands of ultralights are already flying in USA and in China.

For the Part 103 compliance we only install one wing tank with 4.15 gallons capacity which is good for about 4 hours flying with the Polini engine. For those looking for extended range you can add a second wing tank to the opposite wing as both wings are designed to accept a wing tank. BTW, the Merlin Lite will accept both long and short wings so you can select your preference or even change wings perhaps during soaring season or for a faster cross country.

The Merlin Lite fits Part 103 perfectly.

The Merlin Lite can be flown as a Part 103 ultralight with virtually no regulations but will require a BRS rescue system to increase the allowable weight. The Merlin Lite may also be registered in the Experimental class which does not have the weight and speed restrictions of Part 103.

Our demo Merlin Lite has on the panel:

12 volt charging power supply

Electric trim and indicator

Full EFIS with

Artificial horizon


Altimeter with pressure window


G Meter


Heading indicator



iPad mini with Foreflight navigation software and weather radar overlap

Fuel on-off valve

Engine control subpanel with on-off, 2 mag checks, and starter button

Fuel gauge with optional extended range fuel tank gauge

Engine monitoring system with 2 timers, RPM, CHT and coolant temperature.

The new longer wing brings the Merlin Lite stall speed below 24 knots which is the limit for the FAA Part 103 rule. Have a look at the 3-hinge Fowler flap. This flap is slotted and deflects to 50 degrees which really slows down the aircraft yet when fully retracted is very clean. Combined with the cantilevered wing our Merlin lite with this high aspect ratio wing will have a L/D ratio suitable for motor-gliding or efficient flight under electric power. Wing span increases to 32 feet.

The details:

Roomy cockpit fits 6’6” pilot

Racing padded 3-point seatbelt

BRS 500 full aircraft rescue system

Twin hydraulic brakes with tundra tires

Arm rest and quality custom throttle

Temperfoam seats

Twin window vents

Bubble windows

Huge baggage area: capacity for full-size airline roll-on or camping gear

Flap position lever with 5 positions