How to fix iPhone 12 Mini Can't Swipe to Answer Call (How to fix)

How to fix iPhone 12 Mini Can't Swipe to Answer Call (How to fix)

Appletricks | 1 month ago

Are not able to answer calls on iPhone 12 mini (iOS 14), and looking for a effective solution to fix it? In this video we will show you how you can fix can't swipe to answer calls on iPhone 12 Mini.

Some users have complained of having a lock screen bug on iPhone 12 Mini, due to which they are not able answer calls. There are some easy ways you can follow to fix. Let's have a look at the ways.

First Way (Plug in iPhone to charge):

You can plug your iPhone 12 Mini to charge when you can't answer calls. It has fixed the problem for some users.

Second Way (Remover the cover):

Remove the cover of the iPhone 12 Mini, then try to answer the call. It can fix the issue.

Third Way (Soft Reset):

You can do a soft reset to fix minor software issues on iPhone 12 Mini, which might be causing the problem.

• Quickly Press and release the Volume Up button then volume button

• Press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple Logo.

Fourth Way (Hard Reset):

If nothing else works you can do a hard reset by putting it into recovery mode. It will fix any and all software issues which can be causing this problem on iPhone 12 Mini. We have a detailed video about it. You can check it out.

Reset & Restore iPhone 12 Mini:

So Guys, these are the ways you can fix can't answer phone calls problem on iPhone 12 Mini.

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