How to Put Amazon Echo Dot in Pairing Mode

How to Put Amazon Echo Dot in Pairing Mode

Appletricks | 1 month ago

Can't connect Amazon Echo Dot as Bluetooth device? In this video we will show you step by step process to put your Amazon echo dot to pairing mode.

Amazon Echo dot can be use a Bluetooth speaker for your Phone Macbook or even windows PC. But to use this feature, you need to put your Amazon Alexa in Bluetooth Pairing mode. Here you will find the easy way to do that along with how to use your amazon echo dot with your iPhone as Bluetooth speaker. Let's check out the process.

• Open 'Alexa' App on your Phone

• Tap 'More'

• Tap 'Device Settings'

• Tap 'Echo Dot'

• Tap 'Bluetooth device' (It will be in Pairing Mode)

• Tap ‘Pair New Device’

• Now open setting on iPhone

• Tap ‘Bluetooth’

• You will see the device under available devices

• Tap on it

• And it will be connected.

This is the way you can put your Amazon echo dot in pairing mode and use it as Bluetooth speaker for your iPhone.

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