How to Setup Google Photos on iPhone 12 Mini

How to Setup Google Photos on iPhone 12 Mini

Appletricks | 4 weeks ago

Are you looking for a way to use Google photos on iPhone? In this video we will show you the step be step process to setup Google Photos on iPhone 12 Mini

Do you have a lot of photos and videos on your iPhone 12 Mini, and icloud’s 5 GB is not sufficient storage to back it up, you can use Google Photos instead, as you will get 15 GB space for your photos and videos. It will also sync them with your Gmail account so even if you loose your iPhone somehow, you won't loose them.

Let's check the steps you have to follow to get google Photos on your iPhone 12 Mini

1st. Go to 'App Store

2nd. Search for 'Google Photos'

3rd. Install the App

4th. Open the App

5th. Allow the permissions

6th. Sign in with your Google/gmail account account

7th. Tap ‘Backup as’

8th. Select the quality of the photos and how much storage you need

9th. 'Confirm' it.

10th. Tap on your Profile Picture, You will be able to see the backup process, wait for the time being

11th. After the backup is done, Tap ‘Items to delete from the device’

12th. Tap ‘Delete Items’

13th. Tap ‘Delete’

14th. Tap ‘Got It’

15th. Now Go back and Open ‘Photos’

16th. Tap ‘Albums’

17th. Scroll Down and Tap ‘Recently deleted’

18th. Tap ‘Select’

19th. Tap ‘Delete All’

Now device space is freed up. And if you want to get some photos back to Camera Roll.

1st. Open ‘Google Photos’

2nd. Select he photo you want to get in your iPhone

3rd. Tap on the 'Share' icon

4th. Tap 'Save to device'

And the photo will be saved in your iPhone Camera Roll. You can also use this way to save multiple photos at a time.

This is the way you setup and use Google Photos on iPhone 12 Mini.

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