Cancel iCloud Storage on iPhone (Downgrade iCloud Storage)

Cancel iCloud Storage on iPhone (Downgrade iCloud Storage)

Appletricks | 1 month ago

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Do you want to downgrade iCloud storage Plan? In this video we will show how you can cancel icloud storage from your iPhone.

If you have extended icloud storage on iPhone? But don’t need it any more, or use some other storage service, so you want to cancel the icloud storage plan. Let's check out the steps you have to follow to do that.

• Open ‘Settings’

• Tap ‘Name Banner’

• Tap ‘icloud’

• Tap ‘Manage Storage’

• Tap ‘Change Storage Plan’

• Tap ‘Downgrade Options’

• Enter your Apple ID Password if prompted

• Select 5 GB

• Tap ‘Done’

This is the way you can downgrade icloud storage from iPhone.

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