Fix Touch ID Problem on iPad Air 4 | iPad Air 4 Touch ID Not Working Solved

Fix Touch ID Problem on iPad Air 4 | iPad Air 4 Touch ID Not Working Solved

Appletricks | 1 month ago

Touch ID not Working on iPad Air 4 (iPadOS)? In this video we will show you step by step process to fix touch ID problems on iPad Air 4.

If your touch ID is not working on iPad Air 4, like it is not opening the lock screen, or not verifying the autofills, it can be problematic and pretty annoying for the user. This problem happen, due to software and even hardware malfunction. There are some easy ways to fix software problems to fix touch ID problems on iPad Air 4.

First make sure, your finger is clean and dry, and use the center of the finger because if your finger is dirty or you are not placing your finger properly on the scanner, it can cause the problem. Also clean the Power Button, it could fix the issue. If they are not the issue, check out the next ways fix iPad Air 4 Touch ID not working.

First Way (Reset Touch ID):

You can reset your Touch ID to fix touch ID problem on iPad Air 4.

Step-1: Open ‘Settings’

Step-2: Scroll Down And Tap ‘Touch ID’and Passcode’

Step-3: Enter your Passcode

Step-4: Tap on 'Finger'

Step-5: Tap ‘Delete Fingerprints’

Step-6: If there are more fingerprints saved, delete them this way

Step-7: After all the fingerprints are deleted, restart the iPhone

Step-8: Open 'Settings' Again

Step-9: Tap ‘Touch IDand Passcode’

Step-10: Enter your Passcode

Now setup the Touch ID again as instructed

Second Way (Software Update):

If the Software of your iPad Air 4 is not updated to latest iPadOS version, it could create some problems. So you could make sure it is up to date.

Step-1: Launch ‘Settings’ App

Step-2: Tap ‘General’

Step-3: Tap ‘Software Update’

Step-4: If it is updated to the latest version it will say so.

Step-5: If not, Tap ‘Download and install’ to update it to latest version

Third Way (Reset All Settings):

Touch ID Problem can happen due to some customized settings, so you can do an all settings reset to fix the issue.

Step-1: Open ‘Settings’

Step-2: Tap ‘General’

Step-3: Scroll down and tap ‘Reset’

Step-4: Tap ‘Reset All Settings’

Step-5: Enter your ‘Passcode’ If prompted

Step-6: Tap ‘Reset’

Step-7: Again Tap ‘Reset’

Your iPad will take auto restart and all the settings will go back to its default state. It will erase all the customized settings along with Touch ID and Passcode from the iPad Air 4.

iPad Air 4 Setup Touch ID and Passcode:

If these ways doesn’t fix the issue, it could be a hardware problem, so you have to take it to Apple Service center.

This the way you can fix Touch ID not working problem on iPad Air 4.

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