Fix Apple Pencil not working on iPad Air 4 (iPadOS 14)

Fix Apple Pencil not working on iPad Air 4 (iPadOS 14)

Appletricks | 4 weeks ago

Apple Pencil (2nd gen) not working with your iPad Air 4 (iPadOS), such as it is not connecting to iPad, or working with it? In this video we will show you some easy ways to fix Apple Pencil not working on iPad Air 4.

Many users complains that's their Apple Pencil is not showing up on iPad Air 4. It can happen if the Apple Pencil is not connected properly or some software malfunction. there are some ways you can fix this issue.

Let's check out the ways you can fix Apple Pencil not working with iPad Air 4

*** First Way (Remove Hard Case and Place the Pencil on Magnet):

Before you do anything else, if you are using a hard case on your iPad Air, which is covering the magnet or use Apple Pencil cover, it can cause problems with Apple Pencil Connection, so remove them to fix the problem. Also you have to place the pencil exactly on the center of the magnet or else it won’t show up or connect with your iPad Air.

*** Second Way (Check the Tip is Loose or not):

If you dropped the Apple pencil or for some reason if the tip got loose, it won’t work. So make sure to tight it. Also if it’s too tight, it might not work, so loosen it then tight it again. It should fix the issue.

*** Third Way (Charge the Apple Pencil):

If your Apple Pencil don’t have sufficient charge it won’t work. So make sure to charge it.

• Put your Apple Pencil on the side of iPad

• It will stick and it will start charging.

• Wait for it to charge completely

*** Fourth Way (Forget the Device):

If nothing else works, then you would need to forget the apple pencil then reconnect it.

• Open Settings

• Tap Bluetooth

• Tap on the i icon beside Apple Pencil

• Tap on Forget

• Tap ok

• And it will be forgotten.

• Now restart your device

• Then connect it to iPad again

So guys, this is the way you can fix Apple Pencil not working on iPad Air 4, If they does not fix the issue, If possible try using the Apple Pencil with other iPad Pro/Air, if it works on then, something is wrong with your iPad, and if it doesn’t, it means it is faulty, and you have to take it to Apple Service Center.

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