Fix Weak Security on WiFi in iPad Pro/Air

Fix Weak Security on WiFi in iPad Pro/Air

Appletricks | 3 weeks ago

Are you seeing Weak security on WiFi and looking for a way to fix it? In this video we will show you an easy way to fix weak security warning on WiFi from iPad (Pro/Air).

Weak security warning on WiFi usually shows due to some router settings configuration. to fix this issue you need to simply change a settings from your router. Let's check out the steps you have to follow to fix the issue.

• Open 'Settings' on iPad

• Tap 'Wi-Fi'

• Tap on the (i) icon beside connected WiFi

• Copy the Router IP

• Now go back and open Browser

• Paste and go to 'Router IP'

• You might have to sign in, (usually most popular router brands default User ID and Password is Admin and Admin, if it does not work, Search your Router brands default ID and Password in Google.)

• Tap 'Wireless'

• Change the security option to 'WPA2-PSK(AES),

• Tap 'Apply'

And the problem will be fixed.

This is the way you can fix weak security on WiFi from iPad

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