Use Personal HotSpot on iPhone 12 Mini

Use Personal HotSpot on iPhone 12 Mini

Appletricks | 1 month ago

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Do you want to share your cellular Data from your iPhone 12 Mini (iOS 14)? In this video we will show you step by step process to use personal hotspot on iPhone 12 Mini.

Personal Hotspot is a very effective feature, with it you can Share your cellular data connection with other nearby devices via Wi-Fi, and here you will see how you can make your iPhone 12 Mini Personal Hotspot.

Before you can use HotSpot you need to do this things:

• Open ‘Control Center’

• Tap ‘Cellular Data’

• Tap 'Bluetooth' and 'WiFi'

Let’s check out steps you have to follow enable personal hotspot on iPhone 12 Mini

• Open ‘Settings’

• Tap ‘Personal Hotspot’

• Tap ‘Wi-Fi Password’

• Edit 'Wi-Fi Password'

• Toggle on ‘Allow Other's to Join’

• Toggle on ‘Maximize Compatibility’

This is the way you can turn on Personal Hotspot on iPhone 12 Mini. Now to use it to share data to another iPhone

• Open ‘Settings’

• Tap ‘Wi-Fi’

• You will see iPhone under available networks, Select it.

• You will get a pop up in iPhone, Tap 'Share HotSpot'

And it will be able to use WiFi Hotspot from iPhone.

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