Enable & Use Magnifier on iPhone (iOS 14 Tips)

Enable & Use Magnifier on iPhone (iOS 14 Tips)

Appletricks | 3 weeks ago

In this video we will show you a easy way to enable and use magnifier on iPhone (iOS 14). It will let you use a virtual magnifying glass anytime you wish.

You can use iPhone camera as magnifying glass. You could get closer look on something for a better look or even use color filter at your convenience. Let's check out the steps you have to follow to turn on Magnifier on iPhone.

Step-1: Open ‘Settings’

Step-2: Tap ‘Accessibility’

Step-3: Tap ‘Touch’

Step-4: Scroll down and tap ‘Back Tap’

Step-5: Select ‘Double Tap’ (you can also choose ‘Triple Tap’ if you wish)

Step-6: Select ‘Magnifier’

Step-7: Go back and it will be enabled,

Step-8: Now to use Magnifier, double tap on the back of the iPhone, the magnifier will be on

You can zoom in and out by using this slider, increase and decreases brightness from here also change contrast or even use flashlight. You can use color filters too and you can also lock on something by tapping the shutter button, so you can take a closer look on it, even when you move the iPhone.

This is the way you can easily activate and use magnifier on iPhone.

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