Transfer Everything Old iPhone to iPhone 12 Pro Max 2021

Transfer Everything Old iPhone to iPhone 12 Pro Max 2021

Appletricks | 1 week ago

Looking for a way to transfer all the data contents, such as photos, videos, contacts, apps, in short everything from your old iPhone (6s,7,8 Plus, 11Pro Max, SE2) to new iPhone 12 Pro Max (iOS 14)? In this video we will show you step by step process to move everything from old iPhone to #iPhone12ProMax.

First you have to make sure the old iPhone is running on the latest iOS or at least on iOS12.4, or else it won’t work. Also make sure your Wi-Fi has good speed, as it will be used to transfer Data and Contents. So if it is slow, it will take a lot of time. Then make sure both devices have more than 50% charge or else the process could be hampered. After ensuring these let’s check out the process.

Step-1: Power on your iPhone

Step-2: You will get a pop up in your old iPhone, Tap 'Continue'

Step-3: You will get an animation on the new iPhone, place your old iPhone's Camera on top of that

Step-4: Enter your Old iPhone’s Passcode. It will take some time to activate

Step-5: Set up Face ID, we will do it later in Settings

Step-6: Tap 'Transfer Data from iPhone'

Step-7: Agree to their Terms and conditions

Step-8: Tap ‘Continue’

Step-9: Select FaceTime & iMessages Option

Step-10: Setup Siri, or do it Later

Step-11: Choose if you want to share your information with Apple or Not

Step-12: Tap 'Download and Install'

Step-13: Tap ‘Continue’

Step-14: Data Transferring from old iPhone will start, Wait for the mentioned time

Step-15: You will get this on the Old iPhone Tap 'Continue'

New iPhone will take Auto Restart. It will open with the identical look of your old iPhone and all the apps will be in the downloading process

This is the way you can #transferAllData and Contents from old iPhone to new iPhone 12 Pro Max without using icloud or iTunes. This process is completely wireless and no additional hassle of backup.

That’s it for now. If you have any query on the topic, let us know in the comment box. Subscribe Our Channel for tips and tricks for Apple devices.

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