Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 12 Pro Max 2021

Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 12 Pro Max 2021

Appletricks | 1 week ago

Just moved updated from Android Phone to iPhone 12 Max (iOS 14) and looking for a way to move Photos, videos, Files, Contacts etc. from the Android to iPhone? Transferring Data from Android to iPhone can be complicated at times, but don’t worry we will show you an easy way to #TransferDataAndroid Phone to #iPhone12ProMax.

You have to start the data transferring process while setting up the iPhone. If you have already setup your iPhone, you would need to do a hard reset. This is how, you can do it.

Step-1: Launch ‘Settings App’

Step-2: Tap ‘General’

Step-3: Scroll Down and Tap ‘Reset’

Step-4: Tap ‘Erase All Content and Settings’

Step-5: Tap ‘Backup Then Erase’

Step-6: Enter your Passcode if prompted

Step-7: Enter 'Screen Time Passcode' (If you have set one)

Step-8: Tap ‘Erase iPhone'

Step-9: Enter your 'Apple ID Passcode'

Step-10 Tap ‘Erase’

Everything from iPhone will be erased and it will be as it was out of the box. Now to transfer data from android to iPhone. Let's check out the steps you have to follow to do that.

1st Step: Turn on iPhone 12 Pro Max, It will say ‘hello’ in different language,

2nd Step: Swipe up and select your Language,

3rd Step: Select your Country or Region,

4th Step: Tap ‘Setting it up manually’.

5th Step: Connect it to your preferred Wi-Fi Network,

6th Step: Tap ‘Continue’

7th Step: Set up your Face ID, or you can do it later

8th Step: Step: Enter a Passcode of your Choice, and verify it

9th Step: On Android phone, Install 'Move to iOS' App from Play Store

10th Step: Open the App

11th Step: Tap ‘Continue’

12th Step: Tap 'Agree'

13th Step: Choose 'Move Data from Android'

14th Step: Tap ‘Continue’

15th Step: Tap ‘Continue’ on Android

16th Step: Enter the code from iPhone

17th Step: Tap ‘Continue’

18th Step: Tap 'Done'

19th Step: Tap ‘Continue Setting UP iPhone'

20th Step: Now log in with Apple ID and Passcode, and verify your App ID if necessary.

21st Step: Agree to ‘Apple’s ‘Terms and Conditions’

22nd Step: Tap ‘Continue’

23rd Step: Again Tap ‘Continue’

24th Step: Setup Apple Pay, if you wish, or you can do it later.

25th Step: Select 'iCloud Keychain Option'

26th Step: Tap ‘continue’ if you want to set up Siri. We are selecting 'Set up later in Settings'

27th Step: Setup Screen Time if you wish or do it later.

28th Step: App analytics helps app developers to improve apps, you can share your activities with them or not you can choose.

29th Step: Tap 'Continue'

30th Step: Select if you want Light mode or Dark mode, then Tap 'Continue'

31st Step: Select if you want Standard display or Zoomed display, then Tap 'Continue'

32nd Step: swipe up and start using your iPhone.

and all the data, such as messages, contacts, photos and videos and all the free apps from Android to iPhone.

So guys this is the way you can easily transfer everything from Android phone to iPhone 12 Pro Max.

That’s it for now. If you have any query on the topic, let us know in the comment box. Subscribe to our channel for tips and tricks for Apple devices.

Thank you

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