iPhone 12 Mini Low Volume/No Sound on Calls (Fixed)

iPhone 12 Mini Low Volume/No Sound on Calls (Fixed)

Appletricks | 2 weeks ago

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Are you not able to hear the callers on your iPhone 12 Mini (iOS 14) or you get very low voice unless you can only hear calls when you use speaker or airpods? In this video we will show you how to fix this low call volume or #NoCallSound on #iPhone12Mini

Not getting any sound on calls problem on iPhone can happen due to both software issue and hardware issues. Here you will find how you can fix the software problems to #FixEarSpeaker problems on iPhone 12 Mini.

This problem could be caused if there is dirt or dust particles were stuck in it, so you could clean it to fix it. If does not solve the issue, check out the ways we show next.

1st Method (Turn on Volume):

Make sure the volume is on or if it already on then it is high

• Swipe down the control center

• Use the Volume Slider to make the Volume higher

2nd Method (Turn Off Bluetooth):

If there are Bluetooth devices paired with the iPhone 12 Mini, the sound could be transferred to those, which could be causing this problem. You can turn off Bluetooth to fix this problem

• Go to ‘Settings’

• Tap ‘Bluetooth’

• Toggle off ‘Bluetooth’

If it was causing the problem, it will fix it.

3rd Method (Reset All Settings):

Faulty customized settings could cause this problem, so you can do an all settings reset to fix it. Don’t worry; you won’t lose any of your data and contents, only your Customize settings.

• Open ‘Settings’

• Go to ‘General’

• Scroll down and tap ‘Reset’

• Tap ‘Reset All Settings’

• Enter your Passcode

• Tap ‘Reset All Settings’

• Tap ‘Reset All Settings’ Again

• Your iPhone will take Auto Restart. And it will go back to Factory default settings

4th Method (Hard Reset):

If nothing else works, before taking it to Apple Center as a last resort back up all your important data and contents and do a hard reset on iPhone 12 Mini. We have a video about how you can do a hard reset. You can check it out.

Reset & Restore iPhone 12 Mini: https://youtu.be/p719PoS13rs

If hard reset also doesn’t fix the problem, the ear speaker could be broken, so you have to take it Apple Center.

These are the ways you can fix if you can’t hear phone calls on your iPhone 12 Mini unless you put it on speaker.

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