Setup 3rd Gen Amazon Echo Dot on Windows PC| Use Echo Dot as Bluetooth Speaker for Windows Laptop

Setup 3rd Gen Amazon Echo Dot on Windows PC| Use Echo Dot as Bluetooth Speaker for Windows Laptop

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Looking for a way to setup #AmazonEchoDot (3rd Gen) with your #WindowsPC (Windows 10)? In this video we will show you how you can setup your echo dot with Windows laptop and use the echo dot as #Bluetooth speaker for the Laptop.

Let’s check out the Steps you have to follow to Setup Amazon Alexa (Echo Dot) with Windows Laptop and use it as laptop speaker.

Connect Amazon Echo Dot with Windows PC:

• Open 'Browser'

• Go to ‘’

• Sing in with your Amazon ID, if you don’t have one, you can easily create a ID from here

• Verify your ID if you have to

• Plug in 'Echo Dot'

• Wait for it to be ready to be set up.

• Click ‘Begin Setup’

• Select ‘Echo Dot’

• Click ‘Continue’

• You have to make sure the light is orange in the echo dot, if it isn’t. Press and hold the setup button until the light is orange.

• Click ‘Continue’

• Click on 'WiFi' of the PC

• Select the ‘Amazon Device’ from the WiFi Menu

• Click ‘Connected’

• Click ‘Continue’

• Click ‘Continue’ again

• Connect it to your WiFi

• Click ‘Connect’

• Click ‘Continue’

• Click ‘Use Built-in Echo Speaker’

• Click ‘Next’

• Click ‘Go Home’

• And the Echo dot setup process is complete

Now you can start using it. It will give you some voice instruction you follow them.

Use Echo Dot as Laptop Speaker:

Amazon Echo dot is also a very good Bluetooth speaker option for your Laptop, but to use it, you have to put it in Bluetooth Pairing Mode and connect it to Laptop.

• Go to ‘’

• Click ‘Settings’ in the Side Menu

• Select your ‘Echo Dot’

• Click ‘Bluetooth’

• Click ‘Pair a new device’

• The echo will start looking for new devices

• Click on the ‘Start Menu’

• Go to ‘Settings’

• Select ‘Devices’

• Select ‘Bluetooth and Other Devices’

• Click on ‘Add Bluetooth and Other Devices’

• Click ‘Bluetooth’

• You will see echo dot, click on it

• Click ‘OK’

• And the Echo dot is ready to be used as a Bluetooth speaker with the Windows Laptop.

This is the way you can set up 3rd generation with windows PC and use the echo dot as Bluetooth for the PC.

That’s it for now. If you have any query on the topic, let us know in the comment box. Subscribe to our channel for tips and tricks for Apple devices.

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