Backup Old iPhone to iCloud & Restore Backup to iPhone 12 Pro Max 2021

Backup Old iPhone to iCloud & Restore Backup to iPhone 12 Pro Max 2021

Appletricks | 1 week ago

Want to get all your Data and contents from your older iPhone (iPhone 6, 7, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS Max, 11 Pro Max, SE 2) to new iPhone 12 Pro Max (iOS 14)? In this video we will show you step by step process to back up old iPhone in icloud and restore that backup to iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Let's check out how to backup iPhone in icloud and restore the icloud backup in iPhone 12 Pro Max.

First Part (Back up Old iPhone):

If you want to back up your Old iPhone in iCloud, this is how you can do it.

Step-1: Open 'Settings'

Step-2: Tap on your Name Banner

Step-3: Tap iCloud

Step-4: Scroll Down and tap 'Icloud Backup'

Step-5: Make sure 'iCloud Back up' is on

Step-6: Tap 'Back up now'

Wait for the back up to completed. Now if the free 5 GB Storage space is not enough, we have a video about how you can extend it, you can check it out.

Increase iCloud Storage:

And the your old iPhone is successfully backed up

Second Part (Restore iPhone 12 Pro Max from icloud Back up):

Now this is the way you can restore iPhone 12 Pro Max with Old Back up.

Step-1: Turn on your iPhone

Step-2: Swipe up and select the Language of your Choice

Step-3: Select your 'Country'

Step-4: Tap 'Set up Manually'

Step-5: Connect with your Wi-Fi network

Step-6: Tap 'Next', It might take few minutes to activate iPhone

Step-7: Tap 'Continue'

Step-8: Set up 'Face ID' (Or you can do it later)

Step-9: Set a password of your choice and verify it.

Step-10: Select ‘Restore from iCloud Back up' form Apps & Data Window

Step-11: Enter your 'Apple ID and Password'

Step-12: Agree to their Terms and Conditions, It may take few minutes set it up

Step-13: Choose the back up you want to recover

Step-14: Tap ‘Continue’

Step-15: Now you would be prompt to set up Apple Pay, Icloud Keychain Siri, etc. We are skipping them for now

It will show you how much time it will take for restoring, wait for the time being. Your iPhone will be start and you would be able to see all the apps are downloading one by one and the icloud backup is successfully restored on the new iPhone 12 Pro Max.

So guys this is the way you can successfully #RestoreIcloudBackup on #iPhone12ProMax from #OldiPhoneBackup.

That’s it for now. If you have any query on the topic, let us know in the comment box. Subscribe to our channel for tips and tricks for Apple and Android devices.

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