Lose a TV Station on Dish or DirecTV? Here’s the REAL Reason

Lose a TV Station on Dish or DirecTV? Here’s the REAL Reason

Antennaman | 1 month ago

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In this video I talk about why local TV channels are pulled from cable or satellite providers. The most recent dispute is between Nexstar Media Group and Dish Network, and Tegna and DirecTV. Many times the TV stations will run stories blaming the TV provider for pulling their channel off of their lineup. How true is that? After all, it’s reported on your local news. It has to be true, right? Not always.

The truth is that large media companies that own local TV stations keep jacking up the rates the cable and satellite providers have to pay for the rights to carry their channels. Re-transmission fees have increased 2,000% in the last ten years. This affects the monthly bill of any paid TV service. Please share this video to spread the truth about what is really going on.

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