Download Killer Movie In Hd Quality

Download Killer Movie In Hd Quality

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Television director Jake Tanner is out of a job. The reality show he was working on has been cancelled, and now his agent has landed him a job as replacement director on yet another reality show this one tracing the unlikely winning streak of a North Dakota high school


hockey team. The first order of business for Jake is to contend with demanding celebutante Blanca Champion, who has been hired as a production assistant. But Blanca doesn't take the job too seriously when she's not taking cat naps or hitting on the local boys, she spends most of her time researching an upcoming film role she hopes will be her breakthrough. Later, when crewmembers start disappearing, Blanca proves to be the least of his worries. The body count is piling up fast, but who could be responsible: the biblethumping exconvict from the backwoods, the shortfused hockey coach, or perhaps the producer with an unhealthy fixation on ratings?

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