What If You Were a Villager Peasant in Medieval Times? (Animation)

What If You Were a Villager Peasant in Medieval Times? (Animation)

Life for anyone during Medieval times wasn't great, unless you were the king or queen of course, but it especially sucked when you were a peasant. How bad was it? While the royal family got to feast and play, you were stuck farming a tiny piece of land and making barely enough to survive. Find out just how bad it was to be a peasant villager living under the rules of serfdom in this all new episode of the funny animation Fuzzy and Nutz!


0:00 What if you weren't a knight, or king, or queen, but a peasant?

0:25 Society during the middle ages

0:51 Feudal system explained

1:14 Average life for a peasant

1:32 Peasant villager homes

2:32 Survival rates for peasants living in serfdom

2:58 Plagues and disease

3:24 Surprising benefits of the Black Death

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By: Fuzzy Nutz | 2 weeks ago